July 4: Be Ready

This General Election could be the most important of your lifetime. Don’t assume the outcome is a foregone conclusion, either nationally or here in North West Essex. It is important that you use your vote towards achieving the outcome you want.

BE ACTIVE: No matter what the media might be telling you about the likely outcome find out for yourself. To understand how you can make your vote count check at getvoting.org

BE AWARE: this is predicted to be the most dishonest election in UK history. Millions of pounds are expected to be pumped into misleading online messaging and other forms of subversive campaigning. And it is entirely possible that foreign players will seek to influence the electoral outcome. If in doubt check at fullfact.org and thebureauinvestigates.com

BE SURE: you will need suitable identification when you arrive at the polling station otherwise you won’t be able to vote. If in doubt check at electoralcommission.org.uk 

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