Whose Flag?

From Neil Gregory, a personal rant:

Union Jack or Marketing Logo?

This is something I find intensely irritating. I fully accept it might just be me and I might be overreacting, but bear with me and see if you think I have a point.

First a confession: I have voted Conservative in the past. I won’t be in this election for obvious reasons, but I am by no means a tribal ‘anti-Tory’. Far from it.

I do however have a huge problem with the way the Conservative party uses the Union Jack (Union Flag for the purists) in their campaign material. As an ex – serviceman it really, really annoys me. The United Kingdom flag belongs to everyone – by definition – whether you vote Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or as I sincerely hope, Independent. Or whether you vote at all. There is something intrinsically wrong in the presumptuous arrogance of the Conservative party in using the flag for party political purposes.

I do wonder whether it also speaks to a greater truth? Are the current Conservative administration at UDC blissfully unaware of their incompetence and unpopularity because they actually believe they are entitled to govern, irrespective of reality?

One comment on “Whose Flag?

  1. Neil makes a very good point with this. He uses the word “arrogance” to describe the Conservative approach to the use of the Union Jack. I think I agree that the Conservatives are very much out of touch with voters, clearly not just nationally, but locally as well. This does surprise me.
    You two gentlemen appear to be something of a breath of fresh air. You can count on my vote!

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