Not a political party, just people proud to be independent.

Neil Gregory and Richard Pavitt are Uttlesford District Councillors for the two-seat ward of Littlebury, Chesterford and Wenden Lofts including Chrishall, Duddenhoe End, Elmdon and Strethall.

Following the 2019 district council elections 70% of UDC councillors are independent of Westminster political parties. This is a stunning turnaround and an emphatic vote for community-led democracy. It’s about putting the future of this ward and the district as a whole, back into the hands of the people who live here.

We believe councillors should work for the benefit of the community, not party loyalty or vested interests. At times there will be hard decisions to be taken that will not please everyone but as a resident you need to be confident those decisions are made for the right reasons.

Updates, events, and thoughts

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