How about ……..

Between now and Sep. 5th the airwaves will be crowded with promises and counter-promises from the two candidates vying to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

So what should LOCAL government be asking for? After all, it’s at the grass roots that so much Govt policy actually gets delivered and where the ‘warts & all’ elements of policy are felt.

How about these as headline ‘asks’?

  1. Provide secure finance and genuine devolution of powers to councils without centralising local power into fewer hands. All too often, the Government seems over-enthusiastic for new mayoral authorities and the centralisation of power in regional executives and unitary authorities. One size does not fit all.
  2. Remove planning pressure to build houses when it doesn’t match infrastructure and services and damages natural resources. More should be done to ensure developments are environmentally sustainable and appropriate for the areas in which they are built.
  3. Allow councils to take back control of “right to buy” decisions and keep the funding to replenish housing stock. A further reduction of social housing will widen inequality.
  4. Genuinely tackle climate change including fuller finance for retrofitting homes, clean water in rivers and genuine gain for nature.
  5. Support a healthy economy, healthy communities and healthy environment. They are the bedrock of a stable and prosperous society.

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