More important than anything

From Richard Pavitt, a personal rant:

Amid the protest about climate change inaction, two comments in the past couple of days caught my eye. Taken together they perfectly sum up where we stand.

The first in today’s Guardian (27th April): “The notion that politicians should tell the truth about what countless experts say is an existential threat to human survival would appear to be a modest ask.”

The second was earlier this week in the address made by 16-year old Greta Thunberg to The House of Commons: “You don’t listen to the science because you are only interested in solutions that will enable you to carry on like before.”

And there you have it. Real solutions cannot be delivered by yesterday’s politicians. Here in the UK we have a parliament fractured by Brexit and MPs behaving like deer caught in headlights, clinging to outdated thinking and jostling for party political advantage and leadership bids.

The Westminster political parties (and the global political elite) have nothing to offer except more of the same, slightly modified and window-dressed to appear as yet another defining initiative. Carbon Emission Trading being a perfect example of what Greta Thunberg was referring to.

We can all make a contribution at a grass roots level and Local government might be a good place to start but that can’t happen until we get rid of party politics and replace it with clear, objective and honest thinking. It’s time for change.

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